Frequently Asked Questions

Bergheim VFD serves a large area of over 51 square miles of eastern Kendall County, which includes 11 neighborhoods, numerous ranches, homes, and property outside these neighborhoods as well as businesses for a total of over 2200 addresses.

Bergheim VFD has a volunteer fire chief (Chief Adam Hawkins) and 21 volunteer firefighters, many of whom have firefighter and/or medical training backgrounds.

A fire truck generally shows up for emergencies where EMS is called because the firefighters can provide first aid to assist the patient before the EMS arrive and extra manpower to assist EMS on scene. In some instances the fire department may arrive before the EMS unit and can stabilize the person(s) for EMS to transport.  

Bergheim VFD offers CPR training for residents periodically throughout the year. Check our website “Events Calendar” for the scheduled dates and times.

Bergheim VFD offers various types of training including the use of home fire extinguishers, among others to residents. Check our website “Events Calendar” for the scheduled times and dates.

Develop a “Defensible Space” around your home. This requires mowing the grass and any weeds as short as possible (2” or less) within a 50 to 60 foot perimeter of the house. Doing so makes it much easier for you to contain a grass fire with a water hose until the fire department arrives.

You can use the following link to the Kendall County website for information about the fire departments located in the county:

Kendall County EMS is a completely separate service funded by the county. There are currently two EMS stations – one located on the north end of Main Street in Boerne and a second located in Comfort. Neither share personnel nor facilities with any of the volunteer fire departments in Kendall County.

No, you should contact the company who built your pool or the company who supplies water to your community if you are on a central water system.

No, cats will come down once their need to feed overcomes whatever caused them to climb up there in the first place. (Have you ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree?)

Twice yearly is the recommended interval. A good trick to help you remember is to change them with the time changes in the fall and spring. You should, however, test each detector at minimum monthly; if not working, change the battery immediately.

Dust and other particles can accumulate inside your smoke detector, which often causes the alarm to go off. We recommend using a vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air to remove any dust or other particles inside the unit.

No, we do not refill or recharge fire extinguishers. "Fire and Safety" equipment companies perform this service and may be found on the internet or listed in the telephone book.

Slow down, move as far to the right as possible, stop, and remain stopped until the emergency vehicle(s) pass. Be alert to the possibility that more than one emergency vehicle may be approaching. DO NOT suddenly slam on your brakes or stop directly in front of the emergency vehicle(s).

Bergheim VFD will fly a Burn Ban Flag (a red flag with white lettering) on the flagpole in front of the fire station whenever a Burn Ban is in effect for Kendall County. This means that there is to be NO burning of trash, etc., and even controlled burns are banned.

The following information applies ONLY to gates on private property (all emergency services in Kendall County have access to the main entrance(s) of gated neigborhoods). The Kendall County Sheriff's Department suggests one of the following:

Option 1 - Call Kendall County Disatch at 830-249-8645, and give the Dispatcher the following information: (1) Your Name, (2) Address, (3) Phone Number, and (4) Gate Code. The Dispatcher will log the information into the County's Computerized Dispatch System. In an emergency, your code (scrambled for security) wll be relayed to the emergency responders.

Option 2 - You can order a "KNOX-BOX" that would have to be installed on your gate system. In an emergency, the emergency responder(s) would have access using their "KNOX-BOX Key" to open your entry gate (only Kendall County emergency responders would have the access key). For information about or to place an order for a "KNOX-BOX", you can (1) call the Knox Company Customer Service Line at 1(800) 552-5669, or (2) go online to If you go online using this link, search by zip code (type in 78006); next scroll down and click on Kendall County, Texas. From there, follow the steps for ordering a "KNOX-BOX". 

No. 9-1-1 blue reflective address signs are available for purchase through the Development Management office at the Kendall County Courthouse. To get pricing information and to apply for a 9-1-1 Rural Address contact Development Management at 830-331-8253 or go by their office at 201 East San Antonio Avenue, Suite 101, Boerne, TX 78006. Office hours are Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 12 noon and from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

In an emergency, seconds can sometimes make a life-saving difference. Make sure your 9-1-1 address numbers are posted so that they are easy to see from the road. A well-marked location is much easier for firefighters, medical personnel, and law enforcement officers to find you when you need help.