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Donate to Support New Engine 33 !

 We continue to work towards our goal of $250,000.  The 2019 donation total was $88,800 and, at the end of this September, we had raised an additional $30,660. Many thanks to all who contributed so far and all who have submitted matching fund requests from their employers. Engine 33 arrived at the station in March 2020 and has already seen “action” numerous times, increasing our ability to serve our community.  We still need approximately $95,000 to meet our goal by the end of this year.  If all of the property/home owners in our coverage area send in a donation, it can be done.  As a volunteer fire department, we rely on the community to donate the funds to enable the department to keep up with the growth of the community and thus more emergency services calls (fires, medical, accidents).   How do you donate? 

  • Complete and mail the attached donation form with your donation to:

                 Bergheim VFD   PO Box 4141   Bergheim TX 78004.  

  • Contributions in the form of cash or stocks are also welcomed; send a message through the “contact us” section of our website or email [email protected].